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  • Which is better - letter of credit or collection?
  • Which Terms of Delivery are to be selected?
  • Are there licensing regulations?
  • What about warranties and guaranties?
  • Can the foreign exchange risks be limited?
  • What is a deferred payment L/C?
  • Are further cost reductions possible?
  • What is needed - a EUR1 or a UZ?

Many further questions with differing answers.
What about enterprise situation, mode of financing, business partner, contract design,
country concerned, route of transportation and whether it concerns an export or an
import deal?

If desired we can accompany your foreign business durably -
exactly the same as you would expect it of your own foreign trade department.

Do not distract yourselves with detail knowledge to the foreign trade, concentrate
on your core business.
It is here where we accompany you gladly and energetically and advise you
regarding all questions of the foreign trade or even take over a complete business

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